Dec. 14, 2021


When you want to buy quality leather bags, the quality of the skin plays a vital role in addition to other factors such as space, pattern, etc. When it comes to skin, there are many skins on the market. These vary in price and quality. Hence it is important to understand the importance of each skin type in order to choose the best one. To help you make smarter decisions about skin quality, it is important to know a little about leather types.

In the past bags were used to store things we needed and nothing more! So women and men were not picky about them. Over time, bags have become a necessary commodity and fashion accessory, which is not just a backpack for storing things

 Full skin: The highest quality leather. In order to maintain the quality of the skin, do not perform an abrasion process. The polishing process, we intend to adopt sanding techniques for sanding natural grains from the top of the skin surface. Hence many times, abrasion washes away the natural look of the skin. In the case of full skin, the natural appearance is maintained and is considered the best skin that demonstrates the grain properties of the animal from which it was taken. Hence it 'tops' the highest quality list of leather.

Full upper leather

Pretty confusing ... because this leather is not the top layer of leather as its name but the second layer

The surface of the skin has been removed with a smooth-looking skin polishing machine, although the skin looks more even, but it also means that the leather is much less durable than full leather.

This skin is the most common leather for the production of small and delicate products because it is thinner, more flexible and less expensive than full grain grains which also makes working with it less challenging.

Also known as "genuine leather", produced using the layers of leather left after splitting the upper leather, just like upper grain leather, the leather undergoes "sanded" processing to remove natural blemishes for a smooth and even appearance. Typically, the surface is sprayed with a leather-like material for a natural look. However, this processing changes the natural properties of the leather.

Consists of Leatger residue. This includes the dust and chips bonded together using polyurethane or latex onto a fiber sheet. Often using a spray of a variety of artificial materials can look like full leather. This leather has the lowest rating available. There are many factors that determine the quality of leather bags. However, these are the main things worth knowing.

 We hope that this information will help you before purchasing quality leather bags that suit your taste, style and personality. Even full skin does not have to be too expensive if you know where to buy it.


Original just says real: can be great leather ..... can be garbage ... there are some tests checked the surface of the skin, look for wrinkles. Genuine skin will have wrinkles !. Synthetic materials usually maintain toughness and shape. Smell the skin! Natural skin odor is not similar to plastic, plastic-like or chemical odor. Genuine skin is made of many strands, which naturally flatten around the edges..