Jan. 17, 2022



Of course. Everyone needs a passport holder made of leather at some point, and if it is personalized much better, this is especially necessary if you are a frequent traveler, since having a passport holder will make it much easier to store and locate it. . Not to mention that the passport, whether national or international, is one of the most important documents for any person. That is why a passport holder made of leather will do an excellent job protecting your precious documentation. Today, most people have a passport: some travel with the intention of seeing the world, others travel to benefit their businesses and companies, and many others simply to get out of the daily routine. Both young people and older adults need products that accompany them on their trips and ensure the protection of their documentation. In addition to a passport holder, having a leather folder never hurts to keep all your other documents protected. Thus, we can say that it is essential to have at least these two items before going on a trip. With them you will make sure to protect your passport and take care of vital documents, which are extremely important when traveling abroad. Keeping your documents protected and organized can help you save a lot of time in the event of an unforeseen event, such as an accident or a sudden procedure. With that said, let's look at some reasons why we recommend using a passport holder.

Leather passport holders are purposely designed to ensure careful handling of your most sacred travel document, especially when traveling abroad and your legal identification is essential. Passport covers are often well compartmentalized to hold your passport book along with other essential documents like boarding passes, credit cards, etc., providing first-class edge-to-edge protection against wear and tear.

YOUR STYLE, YOUR PERSONALITY If there is one thing that travel brings with it, apart from excitement, the will to move on and a new world view, it is that passports carry a lot of marks and stickers that make them look old and messy. A personalized leather passport holder will bring your old passport back to life. You can personalize yours with your initials, and even select a color of your choice. All this will add a touch of your own personality to the most important document on your trip. In addition, an eco-friendly leather passport holder is an additional motivation that could be the ideal gift for any fellow traveler. If you already have yours, don't hesitate to give one to that special person who you know will get the most out of it.

ENSURES PROTECTION AGAINST RFID THEFT Most leather and synthetic passport holders offer commendable protection against Radio Frequency [RFID] skimming, a theft of digital information from RFID data-encoding tags that allows fraudsters gain access to personal information that can lead to falsification and duplication of data. RFID is also the technology responsible for the encoding of data related to credit cards, so in case you decide to store your credit and debit cards in your passport holder, you must first ensure that it has protection against RFID .

BETTER ORGANIZATION A passport holder with compartments is the most practical and complete travel accessory that helps organize and place all frequently used documents and utilities, in addition to the passport. For example, you can store in the same way the boarding pass and credit cards

CONCLUSION If you really are a travel addict, a businessman or an executive who travels constantly, you should consider this accessory as a must-buy on your list of travel accessories before starting your next destination. Do not forget to visit our store, in Perré you will find the best handmade passport holders, which, in addition, you can personalize with your initials and colors of preference