Jan. 17, 2022


For men, a watch is one of the main accessories that they can wear to enhance the elegance of a suit or formal dress. Although it is true that ties are the main ally of every suit, a watch is an accessory that you can wear with formal and informal clothes. Therefore, the watch has become the ideal companion of every man, however, many of them keep their watches in a drawer instead of using a box specially designed for watches. A leather watch box is a useful accessory that allows any man to keep his precious watches safe while keeping them accessible and ready for any special occasion or everyday wear. That said, here are 4 reasons why it is advisable to use a specially designed box to take care of your watches.

2. THEY ALLOW YOU TO DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH ELEGANCE There is something powerful about seeing a group of beautiful clocks on display. Elegance, brilliance and craftsmanship shine when displayed correctly, and a leather watch case can do just that. Instead of hiding them somewhere, watch boxes allow you to display your favorite watches. And it means you won't have to go through a bunch of shabby boxes looking for your favorite watch. You will find them all in the same place, well organized and safe.

1. THEY KEEP YOUR WATCHES SAFE Watches usually have a high price. We all know it. Yet many of us don't do what we should to keep our expensive watches safe. And what is worse, the vast majority of people get used to keeping their watches in their original boxes. These do not stand the test of time well and rarely allow you to see what you have stored inside. Therefore, a watch storage box is recommended that allows you to see exactly what watch or watches you have stored inside, this in turn keeps them safe from damage and moisture. And speaking of humidity, it is one of the main problems that we must attend to when taking care of our watches. Ideally, keep watches in a temperature-controlled place. But regardless of where they end up, humidity will be the natural enemy of your watches. This is especially true in a cold safe, where moisture and condensation can damage a watch as the oils coagulate and lose their lubricating properties. In the case of quartz watches, condensation can be especially damaging to integrated circuits. To combat the effects of humidity, we recommend storing watches in a leather-covered wooden box, placing a small bag of silica gel inside the box to keep moisture at bay. With this advice you will surely increase the life of your watches a lot. You can see the options of boxes for watches we have in Perré for you right here.

4. THEY MAKE A GREAT GIFT Do you have someone in your life who loves watches? Surely a leather-lined wooden watch box is the most suitable for that person. Not only is this an extremely useful gift, but it's also an opportunity to give her something that she will use every day. And since many can be customized, you can find one that suits them and their collection precisely. At Perré we have several models to choose from, ranging from a single watch, to boxes to store 36 watches. If you own watches or know someone who does, a men's watch box is the perfect accessory. Not only will they do a better job of keeping your watches safe than just tossing them in a drawer, but they are also customizable and make fantastic gifts. Perré specializes in the creation of all kinds of leather goods with enviable quality. The watch boxes that you will find in our store are made with genuine leather by Leather artisans.

3. THEY ARE CUSTOMIZABLE The best watch boxes can be tailored to any collection and taste. Personalized inscriptions can take your watch case from a simple, elegant piece in your home to something truly yours. The best watch boxes come with the option to not only personalize them, but also let you choose the font and style. Thus, it is perfect for you and your collection.