Jan. 22, 2022

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Consumers today have more choices when it comes to the products and services they purchase. And that choice doesn't end when they sign a contract with you or buy your merchandise. Customer retention is essential for the sustainable growth of your company.

 But how do you combat turnover, including internal employee turnover, and show appreciation? In addition to a quality product and excellent service, the answer is corporate gifts, of course.

 Not sure where to start? We suggest you see the following collection for your original corporate gifts:

Personalize your gifts: don't get 30 bottles of wine and send it to all your clients or employees, even those who don't drink and who has told you several times how much they like beer. Consider likes and hobbies, and find a gift that is meaningful to that person.

Not everything is the holidays: do not leave the gifts for the Christmas season. Send tokens of appreciation throughout the year. By sending gifts outside of December, you'll avoid disappearing into a crowd of gift baskets. Plus, the gifts are meant to show your customers that you care about them throughout the 12 months, not just at the end of the year.

Do not overdo it: if your client pays a certain amount per year for your product or service and you send him, for example, a coffee maker for almost double the price, it is exaggerating. Gifts are considered in proportion to how much the customer spends, to ensure that no one is uncomfortable with the gift.



There are many occasions to give corporate gifts to clients: thank them for their preference, celebrate an achievement for the company or even welcome new clients or collaborators. Whatever the reason, your gifts should be impressive enough to ensure your partners know you value them.

The best gifts for clients and employees are personalized, useful, and often made up of several items. Don't give your customers the same generic coffee mug or gift card, get a gift you know they'll enjoy. But how much should you spend on corporate gifts? What are good gifts for multiple clients or employees? In this guide we will help you make the best choice.


Winning customers is a company's top priority, which is why corporate gifts play an important role when it comes to driving your company towards its goals. They have the potential to improve first impressions and influence decision making.

In the business world, not all gifts are created equal. We all know that trendy gifts always help win more customers, and that is one of the reasons why we give them away and are often successful.

 One of the dilemmas that many companies face is finding the best corporate gifts for clients and employees who are difficult to impress.


Not all gifts will achieve the same level of satisfaction and create the same kind of impression on every customer or employee you send them to. It's not as simple as finding a great gift and hoping all the recipients will automatically like it. It's still worth the work to find the right gift with the right customer, especially if you think they're hard to impress.

 Matching a gift to a customer may require digging through that person's profile to find out more about their tastes and personality. This can be through your social media accounts or information from friends and colleagues.

With this information, you'll be better able to weed out gift options that don't suit her tastes, and therefore you can focus on choosing the best options to give her.

 Remember that this is important because it will help you gain more clients or do more business with a particular one. When you surprise someone with a lavish gift, the chances of this happening will definitely increase. In addition, the gift itself is not only important, but also the presentation. Well-packaged corporate gifts will make a great impression even before the recipient has opened them. So make sure you spend some time thinking about the design of your corporate gift package and the card or note that you will enclose. This can vary by season, so it's great to have multiple styles available.


Some ideas that never fail are:

Gift Baskets - A great option for when you want to organize multiple gifts in one amazing package. In a nutshell, it's an all in one! The customization possibilities are endless, since you can assemble them with drinks, snacks, personal care items, chocolates, accessories, in short. An excellent idea is the variety of the Perré catalog, with gifts that range from pen holders, to tea boxes, wallets, and many more options, all completely customizable.

Gift cards: This style of gift is totally adaptable to any budget, from the most basic to the highest, and can be cards from a department store or subscriptions for online services, such as streaming movies, music, and much more.

Sending gifts to your customers is an effective way to interact with them and allows you to create a stronger relationship between you and your customers. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and your customers or employees are no exception.

TUSCANY BAGS you find the right gift. that best suits the needs of your business, we guarantee the best quality at the best price.

Additionally, your business can mark these gifts as tax deductible and write off the expense. You may not have the budget to send a gift after every successful meeting or opportunity won, however, most companies send corporate gifts at least once a year, so let