Jan. 25, 2022

תיקי עור איטלקי לנשים- Tuscany Bags

If you have bought leather goods, let us congratulate you because it is the best decision you can make today.

Leather accessories allow you to have products of higher quality, resistance and durability, which means that you will not need to replace them, nor will they lose their properties and characteristics.

Leather items are easy to keep in good condition, you will not need to invest excessive time or a lot of money for it, because it will be enough to know some tips and easy to implement and thus keep them in perfect condition.

They will always look like new, so take note of the following tips:



If it is about personal or office / executive items, made of leather, for personal or work use, you should know that it is best not to store them in humid places.

The reason is because leather, when stored in humid places, can have mold and stains on the surface, so it is best to store them in a dry place.

Keep this advice in mind for wallets, bags, purses, and for all kinds of leather accessories. This is how you will keep the surface of the items free of stains.


This advice is to avoid the risks that your leather accessories can be scratched, it is best to be careful and thus you will always keep them in good condition.

In the same way, keep them away from sharp objects, so you do not run the risk of causing damage that may be irreparable.

Leather is a material with good properties, as long as you don't scratch it or break it carelessly, it will look intact at all times.



As for cleaning, it does not require investment in expensive products, or making a great effort to do so.

You just have to clean the leather with a dry cloth, or a slightly damp one, and thus remove dirt and dust to prevent them from damaging it.

If you clean the leather frequently, you will avoid dirt and dust, and you will keep the color of your accessory in perfect condition, always original.


In the first advice we recommend that you keep them stored where there is no moisture. Now, it is necessary to hydrate it eventually.

We recommend this to prevent the leather with which your accessories have been made from drying out or cracking.

You can use an essential cream to moisturize the leather, whether it is wallets, card holders, document holders, purses, and all kinds of accessories.


As you can see, no great effort is required to maintain leather products, and the result is really worth the care, because you will have them with you for life, without losing the elegance of the leather and its properties. , always new.


We invite you to explore our products and thus enjoy our offers and variety of articles made by professional craftsmen, with the guarantee of durability and resistance that only leather can provide.

At TUSCANY BAGS we offer you a great experience with handmade leather goods, because they are products made with 100% natural leather, carefully treated by artisans who dedicate themselves to it full time to make high quality products.

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