Feb. 2, 2022

Tuscany Bags תיקי עור לנשים מותגים

Here are 10 resistant tips for handling a luxury leather bag! A luxury leather bag is definitely not bought every day ... so it is right to protect and preserve it, like all other designer bags

Do you want your designer Leather bag to really last forever? Follow these 10 tips for handling a luxury leather bag ... Have you finally been able to buy the leather bag you dreamed of? Investing in a quality luxury leather bag is good and true, but if you want it to serve you for years you can not fail to treat it at its best. Only then can you be sure that you have found a friend (fashion) for life ... but how to keep leather bags designed so that they stay intact over time?

Water repellent spray. Before you put on your designer bag, you need to spray it with a sealing spray. This small precaution prevents water stains and minimizes the risk of dirt.

2. Always carry a small plastic bag in your bag. In case of sudden rain,

3. Quick drying. If your leather bag gets wet, you need to dry it quickly with a cloth. If the water for some absurd reason has penetrated, fill the bag with paper and allow the bag to dry at room temperature. Male: Leather bags should never be near heat sources.

4. Not in sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the skin to become brittle, damage it and dry it out. So make sure to always leave your bag in the shade.

5. Custody. Instead of throwing it randomly in the closet or even on the floor, keep your designer bag in a dust bag (they often come with it) and store it on a high shelf in the closet, as far away from dust as possible. To keep it intact, fill it with tissue paper.

7. Skin care. Each skin type has special treatments. Before proceeding with DIY, it is always best to read the instructions associated with each model.

6. Customer service. If any item in the bag (e.g. the open button or chain) is broken or damaged, the first thing to do is call the store where we bought it. Many luxury companies provide a free repair service.

8. Scratches and stains. In case of scratches or stains you should take the bag for professional cleaning. Warning: If done by the wrong means, the defects may be overcome.

9. Order. Absolute chaos prevails in most exchanges. Ponytails for hair, keys, perfume, pens, etc. They can damage the lining of your bag: for this reason it is better to store the various objects in small cosmetic bags, in order to always find everything and the lining to stay like new. 10. Choking hazard. In order for the skin to remain soft and smooth, the skin needs to breathe. Therefore, avoid storing the bag in plastic bags with the change of season: the skin may dry out and crack. Always prefer cloth bags and cardboard boxes.

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