Feb. 8, 2022


Quality leather bags for women and men are the perfect expression of the quality of Italian art, attention to detail and customer care. During many years of operation, we have provided our customers with leather bags and leather accessories made in Italy that offer only the best products on the market. Our years of experience and certification in working with leather allow us to offer Italian leather bags and leather products from the best leather in the world. Unique, authentic and modern elegant products of excellence in Tuscan art with a tradition of thousands of years from the best Tuscan leather artists

For a special occasion, for a romantic date or with friends, evening bags are essential accessories for any outfit that cannot be missing from your wardrobe. Obviously, not all evening bags are the same and, so, here are some tips to find out which are the best and the trendiest models. Evening Bags: All Models Evening bags come in a wide variety of models with different designs suitable for different occasions. Usually, when it comes to handbags, there is an unwritten rule: the size of the evening bag is inversely proportional to the festive mood of the evening. In short, the more worldly and important the event, the smaller the evening bag must be. In addition, evening bags must obviously also be matched to the dress you are wearing, both in terms of style and colors. While before black was the classic color for the evening bag, today bolder shades are also used, including silver and gold. Evening Bags: Clutch or Pochette? The category of evening bags is very broad and, in fact, describes all the bag models that are ideal for evening events. However, it is possible to distinguish some models precisely. In fact, the most popular evening bags among women are certainly clutches and clutches. The clutch model evening bag is very small, can be carried by hand, is usually rigid and has an interlocking clip closure reminiscent of that of a little retro-looking purses. to be carried easily, there is a small handle right at the opening that allows you to position your fingers almost as if it were a ring. These features make the clutch bag an extremely chic model. For this reason, it is certainly suitable to give your outfit an extra touch to make it unique, elegant and refined. Some evening bags are then decorated with stones, crystals, beads or other elements. The clutch bag, on the other hand, is a small, usually soft, evening bag. It can be carried by hand or over the shoulder thanks to the presence of laces or chains. It is an evening bag that is perfect to wear for elegant and formal events, but there is no shortage of models that are also suitable for decidedly more casual looks. What makes the difference, in fact, are colors and materials. To make this handbag even more elegant, you can choose models that have some particular details. It goes well with the classic sheath dress, a long coat and simple pumps, while the more trendy models also go well with skinny jeans and more sporty jackets. Among the evening bags there is also the baguette, a small handbag with an elongated shape reminiscent of that of this particular loaf of bread, equipped with a chain to be worn over the shoulder. An alternative to the more classic models of evening bags is the soft sack bag, with strap or chain to be worn on the shoulder or tucked on the wrist. They close with a strap or clip and are ideal for carrying small items. These handbags lend themselves more to formal and elegant events and go well with classic outfits. The materials for trendy evening bags Whether it's a clutch bag, clutch bag or baguette, the choice of materials is also very important when it comes to evening bags. In fact, you have a vast amount of options available ranging from leather, faux leather, patent leather and polyester. Each handbag can then be enriched with particular decorations and prints, such as animalier ones, very fashionable, or equipped with rivets, stitching and other decorative elements. In short, the choice is very wide and can satisfy every need in terms of tastes and styles. Here on Tuscany Bags you will find the best women's leather bags for you or your shop to buy online.

The magical and fashionable fashion of leather handbags for women from Italy conveys tradition, quality and luxury. Quality leather, innovative designs and the possibility to customize a variety of styles of leather handbags: side bags, backpacks, handbags and business bags for women to suit your needs. In luxury leather bags.