Feb. 17, 2022


Among the handcrafted leather bags, a true symbol of the made in Italy tradition, the white leather bags are also back, an accessory that the new trends have made perfect for every season by clearing this model from a purely summer use. However, these bags, due to their particular color, can often get stained, dirty or colored especially if you wear jeans or dark clothing with fabrics that tend to mix up. Here are some tips on how to clean a white leather bag and how to make a jeans stained bag look like new. White leather bags, trendy and versatile White leather bags, a classic of women's outfits of the past years, have returned to fashion in many versions, from the most classic models, with the baguette shape and eye-catching buckles, to buckets, to the most large messengers, up to very small clutches also ideal for elegant and formal occasions. White leather bags are back on the catwalks of major fashion brands and what is surprising is that when it comes to white it is never a single or monotonous color, but of many shades from ivory to cream. However, white leather bags tend to get dirty easily - that's why it's important to know how to treat them and how to get them back as good as new. How to clean the leather of bags Leather is a natural and resistant fabric, but it must be treated with care, also because stains can be difficult to remove. To clean a leather bag, you can use a damp cloth to rub gently on the surface, a cotton swab with a small amount of cleansing milk or a soft cloth with a little petroleum jelly which also helps to soften the leather. It is advisable to start cleaning from a small point of the bag to check that it does not get damaged because every leather, especially if colored in an artisanal way, can react in a certain way. To prevent stains, it is a good idea to clean leather bags at least a couple of times a year using a neutral hand cream, and never put a bag to dry in the sun or near a heat source. , it would tend to harden. How to clean white leather bag How to clean the leather of white bags? White leather bags require more attention and it is important to choose the right products that are both delicate and stain remover. A mixture of baking soda and milk, for example, is perfect for cleaning and degreasing the skin and is slightly abrasive, perfect for removing stains. The mix should be left on for a few minutes, gently removed with a soft brush and the surface wiped with a chamois cloth. When white leather bags have stubborn stains, an eraser can be used. In fact, both the classic and the so-called "rubber bread" are used to make corrections on the canvases for oil and tempera paintings and are also able to remove resistant substances. Bag stained by jeans, what to do Jeans are a comfortable and practical garment, but this fabric tends to transfer its color and it often happens to find yourself struggling with a bag stained by jeans, especially if it is a light leather model. By mixing a 1